Scanning your old photos, slides and negatives and converting to a digital format is the best way to preserve those precious memories. Here at Photo Den we have the state of the art, high resolution scanners that will create a copy of the original media in a digital format. We can copy just one picture or large box of pictures, just bring them in, drop off and feel confident that we will handle every photo with the care of a family heirloom and get the job done in a professional manner.

Why risk sending them to a big box store who in turn sends them off to a large processing facility only increasing the chance of them getting lost or damaged? Feel secure and confident having Photo Den do the job as your precious photo, slides and 35mm negatives never leave our store ... We do all the work right here. Older negatives such as 120, 220, 620 etc do go up to Eugene, Oregon to be processed at Dot Dotson's.