Photo Lab & Services

Photo Den is a premium full service digital photo lab that has been in downtown Grants Pass since 1979. We offer quick service and high quality digital printing using Fuji Crystal Archive photographic paper. Our professional staff has the experience to help personalize and customize your images just the way you want. We offer a wide array of services and expertise from scanning old photos, slides or negatives to printing large wedding photographs. If you can imagine it we can do it. Tired of getting poor quality digital prints from the big box stores? Stop in and let us personally color correct your photo to give it the luminance and vibrancy you want. With our extensive Photoshop skills we can add or subtract friends or family, restore old photographs, create custom magazine covers plus much more. We even have a full service custom picture framing department to help compliment your favorite photo.


Photo Den makes digital photography easy! Simply send your images over the Internet to our quality online printing lab. Pick them up in 2 days or arrange for mailing. Click on a button below to get started.

(NOTE: Approx. 2-day turnaround time for all online printing orders. Photo Den will email you when your order is ready. Minimum online order: $3.50. Thank you)

(TIP: Take note of the photo cropping marks in Edit Tools based on your print size before submitting your selection.)

Online Printing



Quality Digital Prints

Here at the Photo Den we can print your photos from any source. Bring in your memory card, flash drive, CD, DVD, old phone, new phone, tablet or even your laptop - Mac or PC? Doesn't matter! We can help you retrieve and print your photos. We can copy and reprint any size photo, old or new, big or small, in a frame, torn or faded.  Want your new digital photos to have that vintage look? We can even do that!

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Enlargements & Posters

With our state of the art 44" Epson Stylus PRO wide format color printer enlarging your favorite photo is easy here at Photo Den. Bring in your favorite photo in either digital or analog format and let us print a perfect enlargement for you. Not sure of the color balance?

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Film & Film Processing

Bring in your old film and we can print photos from those negatives. Drop off your film and we'll have it developed.

Photo, Slide and Negative Scanning

Scanning your old photos, slides and negatives and converting to a digital format is the best way to preserve those precious memories. Here at Photo Den we have the state of the art, high resolution scanners that will create a copy of the original media in a digital format. We can copy just one picture or large box of pictures, just bring them in, drop off and feel confident that we will handle every photo with the care of a family heirloom and get the job done in a professional manner.

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Photo Restoration

Memories are priceless and what is a photograph but a frozen moment in time. Children grow up, loved ones are lost and with our photo restoration services those moments can live on. Old photos not cared for properly can become scratched, torn, ripped and faded. Here at the Photo Den we can restore damaged photographs. We also can remove red eye, facial blemishes, fix teeth, remove tattoos, objects and even people.

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Passport & Business Photos

Get fast and convenient passport photos for:

    • United States passport and visa photo
    • Canadian passport and visa photo
    • British passport and visa photo
    • Mexican passport and visa photo
    • Foreign passport and visa photo

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Video Transfer & Editing

Transfer your old home movies to the latest digital format for you to view and share with family and friends. Photo Den is your full service video and audio transfer store. For over 30 years we have been transferring video and audio media right here locally in our store. We can transfer any type of old home movie format to DVD, Blu-ray or a computer file such as MP4, MV4, AVI, H.264.

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Photo Slideshow & DVD movie

Here at Photo Den we design and create beautiful DVD movies from photos. We can create slideshows from virtually any type of media or format. Be it hard copy photographs, digital images, facebook, instagram, plus many more sources.

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Image Rescue & File Recovery

Photo Den offers file recovery services. If you fear that you may have lost valuable data, images or movies on your memory card, flash drive or computer hard drive we may be able to recover those files. With our wide array of file recovery software we are usually successful and will make every attempt and effort.

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Canvas Wraps Plus Gifts

We offer canvas wrap photos either .75" or 1.5" thick in various sizes. We also offer a wide selection of photo gifts such as: Photo Mugs, Photo Calendar, Photo Blankets, Photo T-Shirts, Photo Water Bottles, Photo Plates, Announcement cards plus much more.

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